These records are posted with the kind permission of the Massachusetts Historical Society and were organized for this web page by John M. Austin.    They provide corrections and additions to the Methuen Vital Records.

Marriages are presented below in chronological order.   Click here to to have the marriages listed in alphabetical order by surname of the groom and click here to have them listed alphabetically by the surname of the bride.

Bold face print in the center column is added information
The column on the right shows in contrast what is in the Methuen Vital Records

Dec 21 1730 Ebenezer Barker and Abigail Morse of Methuen
Dec 24 1730 Thomas Eaton and Mehetabel Barker of Methuen
Apr 29 1731 John Haggett
of Salisbury and Mary Kelly of Methuen                       "Hackett"
Oct 26 1732 John Cross and Hannah Messer of Methuen
Nov 14 1732 John Lowell and Hannah Kelly of Methuen                                       "Luel"
July 5 1733 John Moulton and Anne Silver of Methuen
Nov 15 1733 Samuel Lowell and Naomi Frick of Methuen                                     MISSING
Dec 13 1733 Joshua Emerson and Sarah Bailey of Methuen                                    MISSING
Nov 21 1734 Samuel Pottle and Hannah Bodwell of Methuen                                 "Pottells"
Nov 21 1734   Asie Swan
of Methuen and Lucy Austin of Andover                          "Feb 6 1735"
Nov 13 1735 Joseph Stevens and Mary Swan of Methuen
Mar 18 1736 Ebenezer Hibbbard and Abigail Whittier of Methuen
Mar 31 1736 William McGlatherin and Martha Mann of Methuen                            "McCarthleme"
May 13 1736 Caleb Richardson and Tiffin Bodwell of Methuen
July 29 1736 Edward Clark Jr. and Ruth Kelly of Methuen                                      "July 29 173__[bef.1737]"
Aug 5 1736 Phillip Hoyt and Mary Lowell of Methuen
Sep 30 1736 William Gage and Deborah Swan of Methuen
Nov 16 1736 William Sanders and Esther Peasley of Methuen                                 "Estea"
Dec 2 1736 William Shattuck and Ruth Lowell of Methuen                                      "Dec 22 1736"
Jan 20 1737 David Dowe and Abigail Kelly of Methuen                                           "Jan 20 1736"
Feb 3 1737 Oliver Sanders and Jerusha Peasley of Methuen                                     "Feb 3 1736"
Feb 10 1737 Thomas Gilmore and Joanna Gutterson of Methuen                             "Feb 10 1736"
May 4 1737 Joseph Wright and Mary Tippetts of Methuen
May 18 1737 Thomas Cross and Ann Lancaster of Methuen
Oct 6 1737 Marston Stevens and Sarah Emerson of Methuen
Nov 22 1737 Zebediah Kies of Andover and Mary Merrill of Methuen
Jan 5 1738 Timothy Swan and Mary Barker of Methuen                                             "Jan 5 1737"
Jan 12 1738 John Mann and Mary Seaton of Methuen                                               "Jan 12 1737" "Ceten"
Aug 15 1738 George Davis and Mary Lindsey of Methuen
Oct 26 1738 Samuel Sanders and Sarah Peasley of Methuen                                        "Oct 28 1738"
Mar 1 1739 Peter Merrill Jr. and Mehetabel Kelly of Methuen                                "Mar 1 1738"
Sep 12 1739 Abel Merrill and Elizabeth Hibbard of Methuen
Sep 27 1739 Samuel Currier and Esther Morse of Methuen
Nov 28 1739 James Bodwell
Sr. of Methuen and Sarah Austin of Andover
Nov 29 1739 Isaac West of Bradhurst and Phebe Swan of Methuen
Dec 5 1739 Josiah Emerson and Abigail Messer of Methuen
Dec 13 1739 Samuel Hutchins of Haverhill and Mary Richardson of Methuen
Feb 19 1740 Daniel McCleary and Mary Mullican of Methuen                                  "Feb 19 1739
Sep 25 1740 Joseph Pettingill and Elizabeth Lancaster of Methuen
Sep 25 1740 James Ordaway Jr. of Amesbury and Meribah Morse of Methuen
July 30 1741 Samuel Cross and Martha Hibbard of Methuen                                   "Marthua"
Sep 10 1741 Francis Nicholas and Mary Downs of Methuen
Sep 24 1741 Richard Whittier and Elizabeth Bodwell of Methuen
Nov 5 1741 Thomas Austin and Rachel Whittier of Methuen
Nov 5 1741 William Cross Jr. and Mary Corliss of Methuen
Nov 12 1741 James Cook of Andover and Dorothy Hibbard of Methuen
Jan 28 1742 Mr.Nathaniel Peasley of Haverhill and Abiah Swan of Methuen                   "Jan 8 1741"
Mar 18 1742 Richard Barker
Jr. of Andover and Mehetabel Barker of Methuen
Mar 18 1742 Stephen Bodwell and Sarah Lancaster of Methuen
May 26 1742   Stephen Barnard Jr. of Andover and Elizabeth Silver of Methuen
Sep 17 1742 Daniel Cross and Anne Tippetts of Methuen
Sep 30 1742 John Merrill and Mary Hibbard of Methuen
Oct 14 1742 Thomas Pope of Haverhill and Hannah Austin of Methuen
Dec 16 1742 John Hibbard
Jr. and Hannah Pottle of Methuen
Nov 17 1743 Robert Lindsey and Isabel Crow of Methuen
Dec 8 1743 Caleb Hall and Jerusha Tippetts of Methuen
Dec 15 1743 Zebediah Barker Jr. and Phebe Merrill of Methuen
Dec 27 1743 Timothy Barker and Sarah Davis of Methuen
Jan 5 1744 John Lindsey and Sarah Austin of Methuen
Feb 20 1744 Hezekiah Austin and Judith Harris of Methuen
Mar 22 1744 Joseph Stevens and Elizabeth Tippetts of Methuen
June 21 1744 Nathaniel Pettingill and Elizabeth Swan of Methuen
Jan 25 1745 Moses Cross and Mary Emerson of Methuen
Feb 7 1745 Stephen Bodwell and Ruth Gutterson of Methuen
June 6 1745 Moses Morse of Methuen and Mary Clark of Amesbury
July 1 1745 Kendall Parker and Mary Harris both of Methuen
Oct 24 1745 John Hurley of Haverhill and Hannah Silver of Methuen
Nov 12 1745 Benach Colby of Chester and Elizabeth Emerson of Methuen                   
Mar 19 1746 Daniel Bodwell Jr. of Methuen and Abigail Ladd of Haverhill                    "[bef.1747]"
July 2 1746 Jonathan Ordaway of Amesbury and Hannah Merrill of Methuen            "Mar 15 1757"
Aug 29 1746 Benjamin Pierce of Chelmsford and Elizabeth Merrill of Methuen            "[abt 1757]"
Dec 16 1746 Charles Mason of Reading and Sarah Sawyer of Methuen                            "[abt 1757]"
Jan 22 1747 Aaron Chamberlain of Dracut and Mary Huse of Methuen                             "[bef. 1748]"
May 25 1747 Isaac Austin and Mehetabel Harris both of Methuen                                     "[bef. 1750]"
June 18 1747 Samuel Pingry and Elizabeth Caltron (prob."Carlton")of Methuen             "[bef. 1748]"
Feb 11 1748 Nathan Austin and Hannah Farnum of Methuen                                             "[bef. 1748]"
Apr 7 1748 John Harris Jr. and Elizabeth Clark of Methuen
Apr 26 1748 John Tippetts
Jr. and Rachel Peters of Methuen
June 16 1748 Nathaniel Ladd of Haverhill and Abigail Bodwell of Methuen
Dec 22 1748 John Bodwell and Elizabeth Messer of Methuen
Apr 13 1749 Joseph Goodhue of Dracut and Mary Wilson of Methuen                               "Goodhow,Willson"
June 22 1749 Abel Huse and Mary Whittier both of Methuen
Dec 26 1749 James Gilmore of Pelham and Mary Crow of Methuen
Jan 16 1750 John Collins of Dunstable and Elizabeth Crow of Methuen                              "Jan 16 1749"
Mar 8 1750 Zebediah Barker
Jr.and Deborah Merrill of Methuen                              "Mar 8 1749"
Sep 25 1750 William Messer of Methuen and Alice Barker of Salem NH                      "Alles Barker"
Sep 27 1750 Daniel Stevens of Andover and Hannah Barker of Methuen                      "Sep 25 1750"
Oct 16 1750 Jacob Whittier and Hannah Herrick of Methuen                                              "Jacob Whitt"
Oct 31 1750 Joseph Hibbard and Hephsibah Sawyer of Methuen                                      "Oct 31 1740"
Dec 4 1750 Daniel Silver and Susannah Austin of Methuen                                              "Aistin"
Mar 22 1751 Joseph Stevens and Anne Merrill of Methuen                                              "Mar 22 1750"
Apr 5 1751 John Merrill of Methuen and Hannah Dodge of Haverhill                              "[1752?]"
Apr 25 1751    Richard Swan and Sarah Merrill of Methuen                                              "Apr 25 1752"
July 30 1751 John Tippetts Jr.and Phebe Austin of Methuen                                              "[abt 1753]"
Oct 31 1751 Philemon Barker Jr.and Susannah Merrill of Methuen                              "Oct 31 1753"
Nov 6 1751 Joseph Morse Sr.and Moriah Barker of Methuen                                      "Nov 6 1753"
Nov 27 1751 John Shackford of Andover and Hannah Lancaster of Methuen
Dec 5 1751 Richard Messer Jr. and Abigail Lancaster both of Methuen
Mar 19 1752 Thomas Austin of Andover and Beulah Sawyer of Methuen                       "Cula Sawyer"
Oct 4 1752 Caleb Sawyer and Mary Griffin of Methuen
Nov 15 1752 Reuben Sawyer of Methuen and Sarah Bailey of Andover
Jan 24 1753 Edward Webber and Sarah Cross of Methuen                                               "Aug 21 1753
Mar 1 1753     Joseph Morse Jr. and Lydia Huse both of Methuen                                       "Nov 1 1753"
Mar 15 1753 John Webber
Jr. and Elizabeth Cross both of Methuen
Nov 28 1753 Thomas Austin and Ruth Gutterson of Methuen
Dec 27 1753 William Gutterson and Phebe Harris of Methuen
Dec 27 1753 John Pettingill and Judith Huse both of Methuen
Jan 31 1754 Abiel Messer Jr. and Susanna Swan of Methuen
Apr 11 1754 James Long of Charleston and Jane Mullican of Methuen                                "Charlestown"
Sep 3 1754 Robert Davison of Tewksbury and Jane Crawford of Methuen                         "of Duxbury"
Sep 5 1754 John Austin and Hannah Nevins of Methuen                                                "Nowens"
Nov 28 1754 Thomas Richardson and Elizabeth Gutterson of Methuen
Feb 20 1755 John Hodgkins IV of Ipswich and Patience Webber of Methuen
Nov 27 1755 David Barker and Sarah Barker of Methuen
Dec 14 1755 Stephen Johnson of Hempstead and Sarah Clark of Methuen                        "of Haverhill"
Jan 22 1756 Ezekiel Hall of Newbury and Abigail Sargent of Methuen                                "Jan 22 1755"
Apr 20 1756 Benjamin Marston and Elizabeth Messer both of Methuen
May13 1756 William Morse and Phebe Bodwell both of Methuen
Sep 30 1756 Jonathan Tenney and Mehetable Peasley both of Methuen                                 "Oct 1 1754"
Mar 16 1757 James Wilson and Mary Perkins both of Methuen
May 11 1757 John Granger of Andover and Hannah Messer of Methuen                         "both of Andover"
Aug 31 1757 John Simons of Haverhill and Mary Marston of Methuen
Feb 23 1758 Adam Gould of Chelmsford and Jemima Schidmore of Methuen
Jun 1 1758 Samuel Messer and Sarah Howe both of Methuen
Sep 28 1758 Samuel Bodwell and Elizabeth Mansur both of Methuen
Dec 14 1758 Francis Richardson and Mary Ford both of Methuen
Dec 14 1758 Moses Barker and Lydia Gutterson both of Methuen 
Dec 27 1758 William Russ and Abigail Davis both of Methuen                                          "Rust"
Jan 4 1759 James Sargent and Meribah Ordway both of Methuen
Feb 15 1759 John Griffin and Anne Huse both of Methuen                                                  "Griffer"
Mar 22 1759 Ebenezer Barker
Jr. and Hannah Bodwell both of Methuen
Oct 9 1759 Symons Baker and Susannah Sargent of Methuen
Oct 23 1759    Benjamin Herrick and Mary Richardson both of Methuen
Oct 25 1759 Enoch Merrill and Jemima Sprague both of Methuen
Oct 25 1759 Joseph Griffin and Rebecca Sawyer both of Methuen
Nov 1 1759 Joseph Howe and Susannah Caltron(prob."Carlton") both of Methuen
Nov 8 1759 Reuben Hamlet of Chelmsford and Deborah Austin of Methuen
Nov 29 1759 David Lancaster and Ruth Hibbard of Methuen
Dec 13 1759 Jonathan Swan of Methuen and Abigail Hall of Haverhill
Dec 27 1759 Isaac Redington of Lunenburg and Ruth Bodwell of Methuen
Mar 13 1760 Nathaniel Herrick and Susannah Messer both of Methuen
Aug 28 1760 James Howe and Elizabeth Swan both of Methuen
Nov 13 1760 David Austin and Lydia Austin both of Methuen                                           "Nov 3 1760"
May 7 1761 Peter Harris and Sarah Merrill both of Methuen
Jul 29 1761 Nathaniel Kimball of Boxford and Susannah Bailey of Methuen
Jul 29 1761 Asa Cross and Abigail Silver both of Methuen "Jul 19 1761"
Oct 20 1761 James Mallon and Hannah Parker both of Methuen
Nov 5 1761 Samuel Griffin and Mary Chamberlain both of Methuen
Dec 1 1761 Amos Morse of Methuen and Hephsibah East of Dracut
Dec 3 1761 William Webber of Pelham and Ruth Merrill of Methuen
Dec 22 1761 Samuel Kelly and Elizabeth Hall both of Methuen
Dec 31 1761 Nathaniel Messer Jr. and Ruth Whittier both of Methuen
Jan 12 1762 Samuel Currier Jr. and Margaret Gutterson both of Methuen
Feb 24 1762 John Wyman of Pelham and Phebe Cross of Methuen
Mar 11 1762 Robert Gray of Biddeford and Anne Mallon of Methuen
Apr 8 1762 Jonathan Stevens and Lydia Morse both of Methuen                                           "Moss"
Apr 19 1762 John Davis and Hannah Cross both of Methuen
Jul 29 1762 John Cross and Martha Cross both of Methuen
Dec 2 1762 Abiel Howe and Eunice Perkins both of Methuen
Apr 6 1763 Ichabod Perkins and Sarah Whittier both of Methuen
May 12 1763 John Davis Jr. and Sarah Wiley both of Methuen                                          "Davison"
June 2 1763 Josiah Gutterson and Lucy Swan both of Methuen
Sep 1 1763 Samuel Huse Jr. and Elizabeth Austin both of Methuen
Sep 8 1763 Jacob Messer and Hulda Perkins both of Methuen
Sep 12 1763 James Messer and Lydia Pike both of Methuen
Nov 3 1763 Samuel Cross and Elizabeth Davis of Methuen
Jan 19 1764 Peter Austin and Anne Griffin both of Methuen
Jul 25 1764 William Russ Jr. and Rebecca Hall both of Methuen
Nov 29 1764 Pierce Gage of Pelham and Mary Bodwell of Methuen
Jan 9 1765 Jonathan Baxter and Mary Lovejoy both of Methuen
Jan 31 1765 Asa Messer and Abiah Whittier both of Methuen
Feb 7 1765 Ward Bailey of Bridgewater and Mary Sargent of Methuen                            "Feb __1765"
Feb 28 1765 John Jaques Jr. of Salem and Abigail Currier of Methuen "Jaquish"
Apr 11 1765 Peter Hasting and Sarah Emerson both of Methuen
Apr 25 1765 Thomas Herrick and Mary Caltron(prob"Carlton") both of Methuen
May 2 1765 Samuel Mansur of Methuen and Sarah Varnum of Dracut
Sep 3 1765 Samuel Cross of Methuen and Mehetable Ladd of Haverhill
Oct 1 1765 Plummer Hadley and Mehetable Messer both of Methuen                                    "Plumner;Mehmitabel"
Oct 2 1765 Samuel Griffin and Susannah Cross both of Methuen
Oct 10 1765 Joshua Swan of Salem and Mary Ingalls of Methuen
Oct 30 1765 Timothy Harris and Miriam Morrel both of Methuen
Oct 31 1765 Aaron Masser and Priscilla Hovey of Dracut                                                "1768;Messey;both of Dracut"
Nov 18 1765 Benjamin Hall Jr. and Hannah Ingalls of Methuen
Jan 7 1766 Jonathan Currier Jr. and Lydia Knowlton both of Methuen                                   "Nolton"
May 1 1766 Joseph Griffin and Abigail Currier both of Methuen
May 1 1766 David Adams and Abiah Ordway both of Methuen
Oct 28 1766 Elijah Sargent and Lydia Swan both of Methuen
Dec 25 1766 Joshua Emerson Jr. and Hannah Sanders both of Methuen
Jan 28 1767 William Sanders of Salem N.Hampshire and Elizabeth Caltron                             (prob"Carlton") of Methuen
May 7 1767 Ebenezer Webster of Haverhill and Hannah Masten of Methuen
Jun 18 1767 John Ford and Sarah Barker both of Methuen
Nov 29 1767 Moses Sargent of Methuen and Esther Runnells of Boxford
Dec 3 1767 Moses Pingry of Methuen and Hannah Corliss of Salem                                    "New Salem[N.H.?]"
Dec 31 1767 James Richardson of Pelham and Sarah Clark of Methuen
Mar 17 1768 Asa Barker and Lydia Pierce both of Methuen
Oct 20 1768 Jeremiah Emerson of Haverhill and Elizabeth Whittier of Methuen
Oct 20 1768 Stephen Currier and Mary Merrill both of Methuen
Jun 22 1769 William Emerson Jr. and Elizabeth Merrick both of Methuen
Jul 6 1769 Samuel Chase of Newbury and Sarah Bowley of Methuen
Oct 31 1769 Asa Currier and Jeannette Gilmore of Methuen "Jene"
Oct 31 1769 Josiah Clough of Salem in New Hampshire and Martha Currier of Methuen
Nov 2 1769 James Clough of Salem in New Hampshire and Ruth Webster of Methuen
Nov 9 1769 Isaac Tom(prob."Thom") and Persis Sargent of Methuen
Nov 16 1769 Samuel Cole and Abigail Tippetts both of Methuen                                              "Coal"
Nov 16 1769 Daniel Cross and Betty Tyler both of Methuen
Jan 2 1770 John Tippetts Sr. and Ruth Clark both of Methuen
Feb 12 1770 Abiel Cross and Judith Cross both of Methuen
Feb 22 1770 Nathaniel Tyler Jr. of Methuen and Abigail Andrews of Boxford                       "Andous"
May 15 1770 James Messer and Elizabeth Pingry both of Methuen
Jul 15 1770 Daniel Pettingill and Sarah Cross both of Methuen
Jul 31 1770 Elijah Caltron(prob."Carlton") and Rebeccah Webster both of Methuen              "Calton"
Nov 22 1770 Timothy Swan Jr. of Salem in New Hampshire and Sarah Pettingill of Methuen
Jan 8 1771 Benjamin Goodridge of Haverhill and Hannah Pingry of Methuen                      "Guttragee"
Jan 10 1771 Thomas Herrick and Rebeccah Stevens both of Methuen
Mar 21 1771 Peter Waters of Newbury and Susannah Brooks of Methuen
Mar 28 1771 Peter Rogers
Jr. of Newbury and Mehetable Austin of Methuen                      "Mar 21"
Sep 12 1771 Samuel Hazeltine of Methuen and Mehetable Chadwick of Boxford
Sep 12 1771 John Sargent and Elizabeth Bodwell both of Methuen
Nov 14 1771 Moses Buswell and Mary Pharin both of Methuen
Dec 12 1771 Mitchell Corliss and Elizabeth Barker both of Methuen                                      "Collies" "Dec 14"
Dec 19 1771 Stephen Gates and Mary Merrick of Methuen                                                      "Gats"
Jan 2 1772 William Whittier and Elizabeth Harris both of Methuen
Jan 9 1772 Daniel Bodwell 3rd and Alice Messer of Methuen                                              "Jan 2"
Jan 30 1772 John Tippetts 3rd and Phebe Austin of Methuen
Mar 5 1772 Joseph Cross and Sarah Tyler both of Methuen
May 5 1772 Moors Bailey and Lydia Eaton both of Methuen
May 21 1772 Nathaniel Ladd and Mary Harvey both of Methuen                                              "Hervey"
Oct 6 1772 James Palmer and Elizabeth Barker both of Methuen
Oct 15 1772 Henry Clement of Weare N.Hampshire and Hannah Emerson of Methuen
Dec 24 1772 William Bodwell and Sarah Annis both of Methuen
Mar 4 1773 Moses Merrick and Ruth Huse both of Methuen
Mar 24 1773 Daniel Hibbard and Deborah Ingalls both of Methuen
May 25 1773 Jonathan Gage of Pelham and Dorcas Swan of Methuen
May 30 1773 John Mitchell Jr. of Haverhill and Abigail Hibbard of Methuen
Aug 26 1773 Isaac Barker and Abigail Emerson both of Methuen
Sep 21 1773 Stephen Pingry and Ruth Hoyt both of Methuen
Dec 9 1773 Elijah Sargent of Methuen and Dorcas Fox of Dracut
Jul 14 1774 James Sprague of Pelham NH and Persis Huse of Methuen
Sep 15 1774 John Hadley of Goffstown NH and Abigail Parker of Methuen
Sep 22 1774 Elisha Perkins and Phebe Clark of Methuen                                                       "Parker"
Oct 13 1774 Nathan Pearley of Methuen and Sarah Rea of Danvers
Jan 29 1775 Follinsby Noyes of Haverhill and Rebecca Noyes of Methuen
Jan 29 1775 Amos Webster of Plymouth NH and Elizabeth Webber of Methuen
May 9 1775 Enos Knight and Dorcas Cross both of Methuen
June 7 1775 Zebediah Barker Jr. and Susannah Messer both of Methuen
Jul 6 1775 Obediah Richardson of Dracut and Hannah Hildreth of Methuen                       "Hildrech"
Nov 16 1775 Moses Ordway of London and Persis Ordway of Methuen
Jan 2 1776 Nathaniel Heseltine and Abigail Hastings both of Methuen                                       "Jan 7"
Feb 16 1776 Abijah Richardson of Pelham NH and Judith Clark of Methuen
Mar 28 1776 James Mansur of Dracut and Mary Harris of Methuen
Apr 15 1776 Hezekiah Parker and Sarah Wilkins of Methuen
Apr 18 1776 Mark Howe of Methuen and Anna Dodge of Boxford
May 2 1776 Caleb Hall and Elizabeth Jaques both of Methuen
May 21 1776 Samuel Hildreth and Abigail Bodwell both of Methuen                                        "Hildrech"
July 16 1776 James Davison and Elizabeth Moody both of Methuen
Oct 9 1776 John Currier and Susannah Howe both of Methuen
May 6 1777 Thomas Pace and Susannah Jennings of Methuen
May 15 1777 Oliver Emerson and Sarah Eaton both of Methuen
May 15 1777 Robert Hastings and Hannah Gage both of Methuen
Jun 19 1777 Job Pingry and Rachel Tippetts both of Methuen
Jul 23 1777 Peter Poor Jr. of Andover and Elizabeth Sargent of Methuen
Aug 27 1777 Richard Ayer and Susannah Sargent both of Methuen
Sep 30 1777 John Sargent and Miriam Swan both of Methuen
Sep 30 1777 Caleb Swan of Salem and Dorcas Ingalls of Methuen
May 28 1778 Peter Marston of Methuen and Molly Chickering of Andover
Oct 1 1778 Ithamar Bradley of Haverhill and Mehetable Stevens of Methuen
Oct 14 1778 Amos Buck and Lydia Chamberlain
Nov 12 1778 Isaac Lovejoy Jr. of Andover and Mary Morse of Methuen
Nov 26 1778 Joseph Ayer of Haverhill and Sarah Howe of Methuen
Dec 30 1778 William Ayer of Salem and Mary Messer of Methuen
May 11 1779 Solomon Jennings and Molly Barker of Methuen
Dec 9 1779 Aaron Noyes and Phebe Morse of Methuen
Mar 6 1780 Benjamin Barker and Lydia Foster of Methuen
May 18 1780 David Howe of Haverhill and Persis Whittier of Methuen
Oct 17 1780 Dudley Bigsby of Wenham and Elizabeth Pingry of Methuen
Nov 9 1780 Joshua Sargent and Abigail Ladd of Methuen
Dec 7 1780 Robert Chase of Newbury and Lydia Bodwell of Methuen
Dec 28 1780 James Ordway Jr. and Mary Martin of Methuen
Mar 1 1781 Timothy Poor Jr. of Andover and Molly Sargent of Methuen                               "Mary"
Mar 8 1781 James Davis and Meribah Morse both of Methuen
May 20 1781 Israel Hildreth and Susannah Hale of Dracut                                                       "Hildrick"
Jan 8 1782 Ebenezer Howe and Hannah Malone of Methuen
Jan 15 1782 Isaac Austin Jr.and Elizabeth Huse of Methuen
Mar 7 1782 Aaron Cross of Methuen and Elizabeth Gould of Topsfield
Aug 29 1782 John Marston Jr. and Olive Sargent of Methuen
Sep 26 1782 Jacob Tyler and Ruth Marsh of Methuen
Jan 23 1783 Timothy Howe and Lydia Currier both of Methuen
Feb 27 1783 Benjamin Kimball and Joanna Frye of Methuen
Apr 10 1783 Benjamin Smith
Jr. of Rowley and Lydia Webber
Apr 10 1783 William Gutterson Jr. and Mary Morse of Methuen
Apr 30 1783 Ebenezer Sargent and Mary Marsh of Methuen
Jul 17 1783 DeaconJohn Harris of Methuen and Eunice Clement of Dracut
Oct 21 1783 James Messer Jr. and Achsah Ladd both of Methuen
Nov 6 1783 Jeremiah Bradley of Haverhill and Nancy Howe of Methuen                                  "Anne"
Dec 9 1783 Moses Emerson of Haverhill and Sarah Howe of Methuen
Dec 11 1783 Daniel Morse and Hannah Barker of Methuen
Dec 18 1783 Jonathan Noyes and Abigail Russ both of Methuen
Dec 30 1783 Timothy Clark and Sarah Sawyer both of Methuen
Mar 4 1784 Michael Davis of Dracut and Anne Hall of Methuen                                                   "Mitchael"
Mar 9 1784 Stephen Barker Esq.and Abigail Swan both of Methuen
May 15 1784 Josiah Abbot of Andover and Ruth Bodwell of Methuen
May 20 1784 Elisha Parker and Phebe Gutterson both of Methuen                                                  "March 20"
May 25 1784 Amos Morse and Susannah Sawyer of Dracut
May 27 1784 Asa Osgood and Lydia Hood both of Methuen
Jun 1 1784 Solomon Austin and Hannah Richardson both of Methuen
Jun 10 1784 Benjamin Stevens of Dracut and Mehetable Harris of Methuen
Aug 19 1784 Abijah Cross of Methuen and Elizabeth Parker of Dracut
Sep 29 1784 Samuel Barker and Hannah Foster both of Methuen
Oct 28 1784 Joshua Swan of Methuen and Deborah Burbank of Andover
Nov 25 1784 Symeon Dowe and Phebe Stevens both of Methuen
Nov 29 1784 Andrew Webber and Lucy Cross both of Methuen
Mar 3 1785 Jason Hazell of Merrimack and Alice Standly of Methuen                                          "Hassell"
Mar 6 1785 John Richardson and Sarah Stevens both of Methuen
Apr 26 1785 Nathaniel Whittier and Anna Carlton both of Methuen
May 26 1785 William Morse and Tryphena Whittier of Methuen
Dec 13 1785 Thomas Austin and Abigail Cross both of Methuen                                                  "Dec 3"
Jan 5 1786 RichardHazen Osgood of Concord NH and Susannah Swan of Methuen
Apr 11 1786 Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Swan of Methuen                                                  "Mical"
May 8 1786 Alpheus Bodwell and Hannah Bodwell of Methuen                                                  "May 1"
May 9 1786 Jonathan Swan and Alice Sargent of Methuen                                             no marriage date,only intention
Jun 29 1786 James Williams and Susannah Merrill of Methuen                                      no marriage date,only intention
Aug 22 1786 Symons Harris and Polly Mallon of Methuen                                             no marriage date,only intention
Sep 26 1786 James Frye Williams and Susannah Howe of Methuen  no marriage date,only intention
Nov (?) 1786 William Somer Kelley of Salem NH and Mary Howe of Methuen ditto
Feb 2 1788 Rev.Jacob Wood of
Newbury VT and Ruth Huse of Methuen                      "of Coos;Huss; no date"